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Established as the first minority owned Entrepreneur Center in North Texas, NTEETC is an education and training facility designed with early stage entrepreneurs in mind.  We provide entrepreneurs an opportunity to come and establish their business value right out of the gate. As a network of business professionals, we are seasoned in growing and developing aspiring entrepreneurs from many stages in the business cycle.



Mission Statement:

To equip aspiring entrepreneurs with the knowledge needed to succeed in business, from start to finish.



To be known as the source for entrepreneurial education in the DFW market.



Transforming business gaps into gains

Core Values:

Biblical principles





Our Team


Darlisa Diltz- Managing Director

Professional Profile


Board of Advisers:



Kevin Baker- Advisory Board

Owner of

Kevin Baker is an entrepreneurship enthusiast and the founder of In Focus Business Solutions. InFocusBiz provides business services to aspiring entrepreneurs that helps transform creative ideas and passions into successful small businesses. We believe that everyone deserves to be in control of their own opportunities.










Deidra Kindred- Advisory Board

LegalSheild Consultant

I'm a independent Legalshield consultant. I specialize in helping small business owners Protect and Grow their businesses by providing a wall of protection for their business with exceptional legal and business consultants powered by GoSmallBiz.




Linda Gray- Advisory Board

Non-Profit Consultant

Linda is a non-profit business consultant with more than 25 years of experience. With a doctorate in Christian Leadership from Juliana King University, Houston, Texas, she is currently, President of Corporate Connections and a Certified Volunteer Business Mentor for SCORE in Dallas, Texas. Linda's level of expertise led her to assist with designing Collin County Community College's curriculum for their Non-Profit Management Certification Program. In return, she also spent the past 4 years working as a Lead Instructor for the non-profit program she helped develop.


Shawn Ferdinand- Advisory Board

Seasoned Entrepreneur

Shawn Ferdinand is a perpetual entrepreneur as well as Information Technology Specialist with over 22 years of experience.  His background in Engineering and Business Management empowers his unique compliment of creativity, technology and business acumen.  Shawn’s progressive thinking has resulted in several patents, funded business ventures and he’s currently focused on residential real-estate development.

LinkedIn Profile


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Deidra K..jpg
Linda G..jpg

Speaker, Innovator, and Influential Business Strategist, best known in the community for strategic planning, business development strategies, and professional empowerment.  Educated with bachelors in Marketing Management, Master’s in Business Administration, and a Master’s of Science and Information Technology, Darlisa has blazed the trail of entrepreneurship with passion and grace.  Assisting over 600 small businesses and organizations, she is recognized as the “go-to Consultant” for business education.   

Shirley S..jpg

Shirley A. Staten-Business Coach


Professional Profile

Derek Nwamadi.jpg

Derek Nawamadi- Consultant

Kengo Consulting

Professional Profile

Andrew K..jpg

Andrew Kussmaul- Attorney

Kussmaul Legal

Professional Profile

Derons business.jpg

Key Marketing Solutions, LLC


SCORE-Fort Worth

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