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Training. Education. Resources. 

Helping Early Stage Entrepreneurs Transform Business Gaps Into Gains.

Entrepreneur Development

Our program structure allows participants the opportunity to engage in gaining knowledge at the level they need it most.  We provide a hands on experience that yield practical results.  Our programs are divided into three categories:  Business Basics, C.O.R.E and Leadership.

Technical Assistance

Going beyond the program is an essential part of entrepreneurial growth and sustainability.  We partner with local subject matter experts and stakeholders to provide technical assistance to entrepreneurs seeking guidance on their next business decision.

Program Structuring

Understanding your community and the impact it has can be a challenging task.  We partner with communities and organizations to recognize the economic opportunities available within their small business and entrepreneurial ecosystem.  

North Texas Entrepreneur Education and Training, LLC is a starting point for Entrepreneur lifestyle seekers.  We provide a landscape for individuals to learn, be exposed and get educated on the realities of business ownership. Our goal is to provide sustainable businesses tools with practical applications that will result in economic impact and job creation. 

We are a business service organization with a focus on Entrepreneur education.  Through our hands on approach to entrepreneurship and our pipeline of partners we provide a safety net for beginner Entrepreneurs to grow and fail shamelessly in an environment of inclusion, innovation and focused Entrepreneurial training. 

What Do We Offer:

- An Entrepreneur Development Program unique to its kind

- Pairing and connecting business owners with resources and tools to assist with business growth and development

- Dedicated workshops, training's and classes to increase business knowledge and productivity

- Entrepreneurial program facilitation and infrastructure to partnering stakeholders

- An inclusive “community” for Entrepreneurs and Professionals to plug into the startup ecosystem

Program Partners

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Join Us For 1 MC NETarrant County Community

-  Join the weekly Zoom meetings to hear 2 awesome presenters share their stories and receive information and feedback from community stakeholders and fellow Entrepreneurs
Apply to present and share your story 
-  Become a local organizer 
-  Engage, Connect and Share with the others passionate about helping Entrepreneurs


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