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Knowing what is needed for your business can be a challenge.  With all of the resources available, it is easy to get sidetracked and derailed if the proper foundation has not been laid.  At the North Texas Entrepreneur Education and Training Center, we want to be a "go-to" connection to help business owners with the things needed to excel.  We have been tagged as the "physical FaceBook" of business resources. 

We provide a selection of services to assist in ANY stage of the business life cycle.  We not only teach you how to use the tools, we provide the tools needed to succeed.  By teaming with experts from almost every major industry, we take pride in delivering services that will carry any business owner to the next level and beyond.  We not only want to provide you with the tools and resources needed initially, we want to be of assistance throughout the entire process.

Entrepreneur Certification Program


12 Week Certification Course

- For-Profit, Non-Profit,

- One day a week

- Day and Evening Class

- Sessions lead by industry professionals

- Completed business plan

- Certificate of completion

- Graduation Ceremony


12 Week Business Development

- Dedicated workshops and training's

- Connections to DFW startup ecosystems

- One on one strategy consulting

- Opportunities for funding

- Devoted networking potential

- Preferred pricing on facility usage


Virtual Office

- Local Business Address

- Mail Service

- Answering Service

- Message forwarding

- Fax


Registering Agent

- Receive legal notices

- Yearly flat fee with no hidden charges

- Electronic storing of important documents

- Reminders of filing deadlines

- Connection to business attorneys for needed Q and A


Facility Rental

- Entire space for small to medium sized events

- Classroom with projector and WiFi

- Daily work space

- Conference room with whiteboard and TV projection

- Center amenities (coffee, water, soda, etc.)


Business Professional Subscription 

- Visible display of business advertisement at the center location

- Preferred placement in the business directory

- One month Business Spotlight in our newsletter

- Discounted facility rental

- Business link on the NTEETC website 

- Access to our Entrepreneur Network 

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