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The Youth Entrepreneurs Platform (Y.E.P!) Summer program was established to provide youth with an opportunity to demonstrate potential skills and abilities geared towards leadership, engagement and character building within the community.

During this program, students will participate in series of activities such as community service projects, Entrepreneurial engagement, group events, and much more.

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Jr. Business Club

Grades 3-5

Campers in this session will explore Entrepreneurship through the art of creativity.  Activities include: mind mapping, fun financial literacy, role play and much more!

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Y.E.P 100

Grades 6-8

Campers in this session will take a closer look at Entrepreneurship by way of hands on activities, practicing public speaking, financial literacy and business development


Emerging Entrepreneurs

Grades 9-12

Campers in this session participate in hands on activities to ideate and create practical businesses and/or case studies to help them understand the process of Entrepreneurship and the key steps needed to be successful in business.  They will work with likeminded peers to create company prototypes for future growth and development of their business endeavors.

Learning Modules Include:

- Conversations on Entrepreneurship and how it applies to them

- Education on financial literacy by learning how to “earn a profit”

- Professional speaking skills by presenting their business idea and communicating openly throughout the camp

- Working together in groups to understand the importance of partnerships and relationship building

- Enhance creativity, innovation and confidence through activities, dialog and business case studies

- Completion of a business case study to present as a final project

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